Principal Research Engineer

Phone: 256.824.5106
Email: james.blackmon@uah.edu 

Dr. Blackmon received his PhD in Engineering and Applied Science from University of California – Los Angeles. He is currently Principal Research Engineer for UAH Propulsion Research Center where he conducts research and development on advanced solar power, RF detection and location, propulsion, and thermal management systems.  Dr. Blackmon was awarded a $1M Department of Energy contract to develop a low cost heliostat with HiTek Services (prime) for which he was awarded a patent. He also conducts research and development on the RF Locator for Varian, Inc., which was recently extended for another year and resulted in the first UAH Master Cooperative Research Agreement.  Dr. Blackmon is extensively published and has presented at conferences and symposiums across the United States. Dr. Blackmon completed a chapter for a forthcoming book on solar energy and holds over 30 patents in fields such as solar power, hybrid power, and fluid transfer. He is a fellow of IAE and associate fellow of AIAA. He is also a member and reviewer of ASES and ASME.