The Office of Pre-Professional Advising serves to facilitate UAH undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni in their individual process of pursuing of a career in health-related professions and preparing for a career of service. The Office of Pre-Professional Advising is committed to providing tools, support, resources, and academic and career advising in order to meet the individual needs of pre-professional students.


The Office of Pre-Professional Advising is committed to promoting student success by:

  • Providing a welcome and open environment where personal growth, discovery, curiosity, and leadership are encouraged
  • Developing an equally valuable individual and community experience that meet the distinctive needs of the students
  • Empowering students to understand and demonstrate social and ethical responsibility
  • Facilitating a commitment to volunteerism in preparation for a career of service
  • Encouraging students to interact, collaborate, and learn from students with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives
  • Fostering collaborative relationships with those within the university, surrounding community, and professional partners


If an individual is just starting to consider a health career or is already submitting their application to a health program, the Office of Pre-Professional Advising assists individuals with planning, procedures, and information.

Being "Pre-Professional" is an addition to a degree at UAH. Individuals maintain all the benefits of an Academic Advisor, to confirm they are on track to graduate, while gaining a Pre-Professional Advisor to ensure they are building a competitive application and meeting professional goals.

The Office of Pre-Professional Advising provides information on various health careers, shadowing options, internships, personal statement help, interviewing skills techniques, research opportunities, summer programs, and post-baccalaureate and graduate programs in various medical or health related fields.