Vice President for Research and Economic Development - Office of Research Security (ORS)
February 2, 2012; Reviewed/Revised November 13, 2023

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (“UAH” or “University”) has entered into a legal and binding agreement with the U.S. Government which makes us eligible to perform work on classified contracts for certain agencies of the government. Work of this nature may involve information, material, and knowledge which have a direct bearing on the defense of the nation. By entering into this agreement with the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA), UAH was granted a Facility (Security) Clearance (FCL) as of 29 November 1966, which was updated on 15 August 2000.

As a condition of this agreement to perform under these contracts, UAH is required to maintain a system of security controls and to prepare a Standard Practice Procedure (SPP) applicable to this university. The procedures and instructions listed in the SPP have been prepared in an effort to assure that the university adheres to the aforementioned agreement by affording proper protection for all classified information entrusted to UAH.


As a cleared facility, UAH is required by DOD to follow the regulations of the 32 CFR Part 117, NISPOM Rule.

Management at every level is responsible for supporting and enforcing all aspects of this security program.

All management decisions involving and relating to security must be coordinated through the ORS Director.

All cleared employees are directed to become thoroughly familiar with and carefully follow the SPP.

Any doubtful situation concerning security matters is to be brought to the attention of the ORS Director and/or ORS Representative in a timely manner

The Director of Office of Research Security (ORS) will be responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

Declaration Pertaining to Standard Practices and Procedures (SPP)