Office of Sponsored Programs
October 1, 1996
Due to space limitations, the Office of Sponsored Programs does not keep a copy of contractually required reports in the contract files. A copy of the report transmittal letter is kept for auditing purposes. It is recommended that the P.I. maintain a copy in their files.
UAH maintain a copy of all final technical reports submitted to the funding sponsored.

An arrangement has been made with the UAH Library to archive the final reports and any other reports of historical significance to the university. It is requested that the P.I. submit a copy of the final report and Report Archiving Form, located on OSP website to OSP. OSP will submit the report to the agency (if applicable) and a copy to UAH Library. We will retain a copy of the transmittal letter, report cover page and any significant reports forms in the contract file. The Library has developed a unique numbering system for these reports which will be accessible through the attributes listed on the Report Archiving Form. Please submit a completed form with each final report or annual report to assure correct cataloging of your report. As many contractual reports cannot be released the public without permission of the funding agency, OSP in coordination with the PI will determine whether the report can be released. Each report will be stamped accordingly prior to delivery to the UAH Library, and the Library will assume responsibility for releasing the reports to the public, if allowed by the sponsor.

Each report cover page must contain the following information:

  1. Report title.
  2. Report author(s).
  3. Funding agency or subagency.
  4. Agency grant/contract number (not UAH organization number).
  5. Type of Report: (final, etc.).
  6. Date of report.
  7. PI’s college/department or research center.
The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for the review of this policy every four (4) years, (or whenever circumstances require).

Archiving of Contractual Reports