Finance and Administration - Police Department
    August 20, 2013; Reviewed/Revised January 5, 2023
    The University of Alabama in Huntsville seeks to maintain a welcoming and safe educational environment for students, employees, and visitors, and adopts this policy for possession of dangerous weapons and firearms on campus and at events.

    Except as otherwise stated in this policy, the University prohibits the possession, transportation, and use of firearms and other dangerous weapons on campus at any time. This policy applies to all persons on campus, including faculty, staff, students, contractors, patients, and visitors. The University of Alabama in Huntsville Police Department (UAHPD) provides temporary storage at its headquarters for firearms lawfully possessed.

    Consistent with Alabama law, and the campus-wide restriction in this policy, all persons (including concealed carry permittees) are strictly prohibited from possessing firearms (1) at facilities which provide inpatient or custodial care of patients with psychiatric, mental or emotional disorders; and (2) at locations where guards and other security features are employed, such as athletic events.

    This Policy supersedes any contrary University policy or handbook provisions.


    “Campus” means all property owned, leased or controlled by the University and any affiliated foundation or health care entity, including buildings and outdoor premises, such as parking lots and other outdoor property.

    “Dangerous weapon” is defined to include:

    • Any device that shoots or delivers a bullet, BB, pellet, arrow, dart, flare, electrical charge, or other projectile, whether loaded or unloaded, including those devices powered by CO2.
    • Any explosive device, including fireworks.
    • Any instruments/devices that are designed or may be used as a weapon to injure or threaten another individual, including nonculinary knives with a blade greater than four (4) inches.
    • A firearm, as defined herein, is not included in this definition of dangerous weapon.

    “Firearm” means a pistol, handgun, rifle, or shotgun and any ammunition.


    Persons on campus and in violation of University policy are trespassers and may be dealt with accordingly, including, but not limited to, being removed from campus and receiving a written directive to remain off campus. Contractors and vendors are expected to comply with policy and contract terms. Violations of Alabama law may be dealt with by appropriate law enforcement. Student violations may be addressed in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct Policy as well as other applicable policies and may include sanctions, up to and including expulsion. Employee violations may be resolved in accordance with employer policies, up to and including termination.


    This policy does not prohibit use or possession of dangerous weapons or firearms by (1) certified law enforcement officers acting within the scope of their employment; (2) private security, who with express prior written permission of UAHPD, possess firearms or dangerous weapons while in the employ of the University or for a permitted event; and (3) members, coaches, and authorized staff of a recognized team or course who are acting within the scope of activities that UAHPD has pre-approved (e.g. ROTC members). This Policy also does not apply to UAHPD law enforcement officers who are attending classes as students. If, however, UAHPD law enforcement officers are not in uniform during class, they must keep their weapons concealed. No other individual may possess a firearm on campus, except for a lawfully possessed firearm properly maintained in the individual’s privately owned motor vehicle in a manner that satisfies all requirements and prerequisites of Alabama law.

    Any other possession or use of dangerous weapons or firearms on campus must be authorized by UAHPD.

    Human Resources is responsible for the review of this policy every five years, or whenever circumstances require.

University Dangerous Weapons & Firearms Policy