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April 24, 2017 (Reviewed and Revised October 2022)
To regulate the use of bicycles, which, as defined here, includes all pedal driven, human powered vehicles, on the UAH The University of Alabama in Huntsville (“UAH” or “the University”) campus in order to:
  • enhance pedestrian and rider safety on campus, with heightened emphasis during peak motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic periods;
  • provide for the safe and free ingress/egress to and from University buildings and facilities;
  • provide for accountability of bicycles located on campus.
  • reduce the number of bicycle theft reports and vandalism losses;
  • eliminate the number of unserviceable bicycles abandoned on campus;
  • establish and publish written guidelines and regulations to facilitate the safe movement of bicycle traffic on campus.

This policy applies to all University employees, students, and visitors who ride, park or store any bicycle or other pedal driven, human powered vehicles on the UAH Campus.

Registration of Bicycles Required

Anyone riding a bicycle on campus is required to register it, obtain a permit issued by the UAH Parking Services Office, and attach the permit to the bicycle. There is no fee associated with registration of a bicycle.

By registering a bicycle, the owner also acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the University's Campus Bicycle Use Policy and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth herein, including applicable Alabama laws addressing Bicycle Safety: Alabama Code 32- 5A-260 through Section 32-5A-266, and 32-5A-280 through 286. (

Such laws generally entitle cyclists to the rights of vehicle drivers, but also require cyclists to comply with the duties of vehicle drivers. Cyclists are also acknowledging that they must use bicycle paths, when available. State law also requires riders under sixteen to use helmets and the use of restraints for children under 40 pounds. Violations may be enforced by law enforcement officers, according to the code.

Bicycle Registration

  • Students and employees should log in to their myUAH account and select the link Parking Management under Campus Services.
  • Permits are not transferable. In the event of the sale of a bicycle, or transfer of ownership, the new owner must register it in his/her name and a new permit will be issued. The permit period is identical with that of the university motor vehicle registration period, expiring on August 31 of each year, and the bicycle must be re-registered by that time.

Safe Operation of Bicycles

Cyclists on campus must follow all provisions of the State of Alabama Rules of the Road, and the rules and regulations of UAH.. Cyclists must obey the rules of the road as would the operator of a motor vehicle, e.g., they must stop at stop signs, travel in the correct lane, and yield to pedestrians who have entered a cross-walk. Failure to do so may result in issuance of a citation.

Cyclists must remain on designated bicycle paths or on the streets operating on the far-right side or the right lane. Cyclists must walk their bicycles in pedestrian areas.

Parking and Securing of Bicycles

Bicycles must be secured to University-provided bicycle racks each time they are left unattended on campus for any period of time. Unattended bicycles that block a stairway, sidewalk, pedestrian pathway, door entrance/exit, or inside a building hallway or common area, are in violation of this policy and the owner is subject to a citation as well as removal and impoundment at the owner's expense (see Impoundment Procedures).

To protect a bicycle against theft, it should be locked to a bicycle rack. A steel core, U-shaped type of bicycle lock is the recommended type of locking device. A bicycle should not be secured in a manner that can allow it to be disassembled and removed.


The Parking Services Office is charged with enforcement of University parking regulations, and are authorized to remove bicycles that are parked and/or secured in an inappropriate manner and/or at a location that creates a safety hazard. Violations of state law regulating motor vehicles will be addressed by law enforcement officers. In some circumstances where a student is a habitual violator, a referral to the Dean of Students may subject the accused person to disciplinary action through the Student Code of Conduct.

Damaged and Abandoned Bicycles

Any bicycle observed to have significant damage, whether or not locked to a secure bicycle rack, that would reasonably be considered unsafe to operate or abandoned due to the length of time it has remained in its same condition and location, may be removed and placed in the Impoundment Area. This action is taken to protect the registered owner's property from theft or vandalism, and to clear space in the affected bicycle racks for registered, serviceable bicycles to be parked. If the damaged or abandoned bicycle is registered, there is no fine, penalty or charge resulting from this action. An unregistered impounded bicycle will be released upon proof of ‘ownership and payment of a $5.00 impoundment fee.

Typically, an unserviceable bicycle that remains in the same location for at least thirty (30) days will be tagged by Parking Services.  Attempts will be made to contact the registered owner. The tag will serve as notice to the owner that the University intends to remove the bicycle after fifteen (15) additional days have expired. A removed bicycle subject to impoundment will be placed into the Impoundment Area and maintained there for six (6) months. After the six (6) month period of time has expired, the bicycle may be sold or used for official University business, i.e., parks, recreation, etc.

Impoundment Procedures

Once the decision is made to impound a bicycle, a lock, chains, or other devices used to secure the bicycle will be forcibly removed. Any resulting damage to the bicycle or locking mechanisms is not the responsibility of UAH or the UAH Police Department. The bicycle will be transported and placed in the Impoundment Area.

Waiver of Liability

Individuals who bring a bicycle onto campus assume all risks of loss or damage to the bicycle at all times. UAH assumes no responsibility for the loss, damage, theft, maintenance, or protection of any bicycle or attached accessory(including locking devices or contents)..

The Police Department is responsible for the review of this policy every five years, or whenever circumstances require.

Campus Bicycle Use Policy