Student Affairs Enrollment Management
February, 2015
The purpose of this policy is to publish and make available in a standard format the Admission Requirement Policy for First Time Freshmen to the campus community. This information will be beneficial for campus partners to be mindful and familiar with as recruitment and enrollment continue to be a campus wide-initiative.
This policy outlines what is considered to be required and essential in order for a student, in this case a First Time Freshman to be offered admission to the University of Alabama in Huntsville. These requirements are put into place to ensure the success of all students who enter as freshmen to this University. This allows the University of Alabama in Huntsville to recruit exceptional students who are academically prepared. With this policy, UAH will continue to be regarded as an option for high quality academics.

First time freshmen who submit an application to the University of Alabama in Huntsville must:

  • Have at minimum a 2.9 GPA based on six semesters (freshmen-junior year).
  • An ACT score of at minimum a 20 or an SAT (math and critical reading) of a 970.
  • Submit an official high school transcript.
  • Submit official test scores from College Board/ACT or the student’s high school. Scores that appear on an officially high school transcript will also be accepted.
  • Students must have completed (or will complete by the time of entry to UAH):
    • Four units of English.
    • Three units of math (including Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.
    • Three units science.
    • Four units history.
    • Academic electives that meet the required 20Carnegie high school units (foreign language, philosophy, computer programming, higher level science and math courses).
This policy should be reviewed on an annual basis by the Director of Admissions and any changes should be made and communicated immediately.

Admissions Requirement Policy - First Time Freshmen