Student Affairs Enrollment Management
February 12, 2015
The purpose of this policy is to publish and make available in a standard format the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Academic Placement Policy to the campus community. This information will be beneficial for campus partners to be mindful and familiar with as recruitment and enrollment continue to be a campus wide-initiative.
The Office of Undergraduate Admissions Academic Placement Policy is for incoming freshmen who are beginning college-level course work in English, Mathematics, Foreign Language and Chemistry. These students are placed at the level that best corresponds to their academic groundwork. Standardized test scores or Advanced Placement scores are used to determine assignment depending on the subject. The Academic Placement Policy allows for students who have prior knowledge in certain academic areas to be placed at an advanced level.

Placement for incoming freshmen is initially based upon their performance on college entrance exams by subject area, departmental designated subject area on entrance exams (i.e, Chemistry placement is based upon Math sub-score), or satisfactory completion of academic units while in high school. Further, students can earn credit and/or placement based on performance in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or college courses in a Dual-Enrollment program. If a student receives credit via Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate, that credit will supersede the placement initially awarded by the Admissions Office based on ACT/SAT test scores presuming it places the student at a higher level.

ACT Math Sub-Score SAT Math Sub-Score Math Placement
19 or lower 440 or lower 0000
20-25 450-550 1000
26-28 560-590 2000
20-25 450-550 1000
ACT Math Sub-Score Math Placement Chemistry Placement
19 or lower 0000 0000
20-25 1000 0101
26-28 2000 0101
29-36 3000* 0121*
ACT Math Sub-Score SAT Critical Reading Sub-Score English Placement
19 or lower 480 or lower 0000
20 or higher 490 or higher 0101
Foreign Language
H.S. Units of Single Language Completed Foreign Language Placement
0-2 0101
3-4 0102
This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Director of Admissions. Any and all updates and changes should be communicated immediately.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions-Academic Placement Policy