Student Affairs - Auxiliary Services
January, 2014
The purpose of this policy is to provide general use guidelines for all university and non-university users of the Charger Union.

All users agree to comply with all federal, state and local laws and University regulations applicable to the use of institutional facilities.

Physical alterations to the building: The physical appearance or structure of the building may not be altered in any manner. Any requests for alterations: painting, doors changed, etc. should be directed to the Charger Union Director in writing. In conjunction with the Facilities and Operations Department and in some cases the University Facilities Planning Committee, a decision will be made regarding the request. If approved, the alterations will be charged to the operating budget of the department making the request.

No decorations may be affixed to the walls, ceilings or floors for any event. All decorations must be placed on a table or free standing.

Animals: Service animals shall be permitted in the Charger Union.

Property belonging to the facility such as pictures, works of art or other equipment may neither be taken from the building nor moved from one part of the building to another. Requests for the removal of any items within the facility must be made to the Charger Union Director and if approved must be moved by Charger Union staff.

No bicycles, roller blades, unicycles, skateboards, etc. are allowed in the building.

Gambling is not permitted in the Charger Union.

All refreshments and meal service within the facility must be purchased from the University Food Service. (See Charger Union Food Service Policy).

No commercial or individual selling or soliciting shall be conducted within the Charger Union unless sponsored by a registered student organization or university department and reserved through the Charger Union Reservation Office.

Weapons are not permitted in the Charger Union.

The Charger Union is a non-smoking facility. University policy states that no smoking is permitted within 25 feet of a building entrance and shall be permitted only in designated smoking areas.

Users shall be required to be familiar with and respond to emergency protocols for the facility.

The Auxiliary Services Office is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

Charger Union General Terms & Conditions Policy