Academic Affairs
February, 2015
Emeritus faculty are highly valued members of the university community. This policy establishes rights and privileges extended to UAH Emeritus Faculty.
When faculty retire, the Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama may approve the designation of Emeritus. These faculty are highly valued member of the UAH community, and this policy establishes right and privileges granted to them.

Office and Work Space

An emeritus faculty member may continue to engage in productive scholarship and creative activities noting their affiliation with the university in such activities. Whenever possible, with annual review and approval by the Academic Dean, the university, upon request may allocate office space that may be a shared office space. Emeritus faculty who have agreed to teach on a part-time basis and/or who have active research grants/contracts administered through UAH will have priority in space allocation. Upon retirement or shortly thereafter, emeritus faculty will move out of their faculty office to their emeritus faculty office. Also refer to Faculty Separation Policy for details.

An emeritus faculty member engaged in research with active, sponsored contracts/grants through UAH will be allocated laboratory, studio, or research space on an as needed basis, with annual review and approval of the Academic Dean and the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Priority for laboratory, studio or research space will be given whenever UAH students are supported on their UAH administered grants/contracts or are being actively supervised by emeritus faculty.

PI Accounts

For more information related to existing PI accounts refer to Faculty Separation Policy.


Emeritus faculty may continue to park on campus with a valid, paid campus parking permit issued by UAH’s Parking Management Office.

Educational Benefits

Educational Assistance Program benefits continue for all emeritus faculty and their eligible dependents and are available to eligible dependents of deceased emeritus faculty.


Emeritus faculty continue to receive email via their university email address and will be listed in UAH’s online directory. If applicable, emeritus faculty will be listed on departmental/college websites unless the emeritus faculty member requests that email services and listings on web sites be terminated.

University Governance

Upon retirement, emeritus faculty relinquish their faculty voting rights. As distinguished members of the academic community, emeritus faculty may, on occasion, be invited to provide input regarding university curricula, a faculty research matter, or strategic plans, in line with their expertise. Emeritus faculty may be invited by the appropriate university official to participate in the work of departmental/college/university committees if approved by the Academic Dean. The appointment must be reviewed annually.

Emeritus faculty do not participate in university shared governance or in committees and/or meetings where university/college/ department shared governance matters are discussed. Moreover, emeritus faculty do not participate in committees or meetings associated with fiscal, curricular and academic personnel matters including but not limited to hiring, tenure, and promotion reviews. It is the responsibility of the Department Chair and Academic Dean to ensure that these governance provisions are followed.

Cultural. Recreational, and other Campus Events

Emeritus faculty and their dependents qualify for discounted membership at the University Fitness Center.

Emeritus faculty continue to have access to campus cultural, social, recreational, and sporting events. Parking and entry fees apply as would be the case for regular faculty.

Library Privileges

Emeritus faculty may continue to use the University Library and its services, consistent with their pre-retirement faculty appointment.

Academic Affairs will review this policy every five years or sooner as needed.

Emeritus Faculty Privileges