Academic Affairs
November, 2014
Establish a policy for admittance of non-Honors College students into Honors sections.
Non-Honors students may be admitted to Honors courses if the students meet the Honors College admittance criteria and if there are seats available in the Honors course.

Non-Honors Students in Honors Courses

UAH students who are not part of the Honors College may enroll in Honors Courses provided:

  1. Their cumulative GPA is at least 3.25.
  2. They do not take seats away from Honors College students who also wish to register for the course.

Dual-Enrollment Students in Honors Courses.

As high school students, dual-enrollment students must meet the criteria 1(a)-(c) required for first-time full-time freshman (see Policy 02.xx). They will be subject to the same restrictions as non-honors students in Honors Courses.

Monitoring of Honors Sections

The Honors College Coordinator monitors class enrollments, and will inform non-Honors students if they must withdraw from an Honors Section.

The Honors Dean, in consultation with the entire Honors Council, is responsible for reviewing these policies every 5 years and for making other changes as needed. This policy was last reviewed in November 2014, and will require review again in November 2019.

Non-Honors College Students in Honors Sections