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Vehicle Safety

Even as safe as UAH is, vehicles are sometimes forcibly or non-forcibly entered, and their contents stolen.


Don't Attract Criminals  

  Protect Your Belongings

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Here are some simple tips to prevent crime and keep your property safe:

  • Close your windows and lock your doors.
  • Safeguard your vehicle keys, and report missing keys to the UAH Police Department.
  • Whenever possible, do not leave valuables in plain sight or remove valuables from your vehicle.
  • Close your convertible or sun/moon roof.
  • Avoid "advertising" expensive equipment such as radios, cell phones, GPS holders, and remote control devices for your entertainment systems.
  • Call UAH Police Department at 256-824-6596 immediately if you find your vehicle has been illegally entered. Do not touch or even move the vehicle. Leave everything as you found it.