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Property Safety

Most burglaries and thefts are crimes of opportunity and happen within a very short period of time. Eliminating the opportunity can help reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a property crime.

Here are a few general precautions that can be taken to better protect your personal property:

  • Never leave your property unattended.
  • Always lock your door and do not give your keys to anyone.
  • Close and lock your windows.
  • Participate in Operation ID, https://www.uah.edu/police/services/id.
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Lock your bicycle.
  • Register your bicycle with UAH Housing Department.
  • Do not lend your keys or access cards to anyone.
  • Keep your purse or wallet hidden and close to our body.
  • If possible use tracking technology for cell phones.
  • Call UAH Police Department, 256-824-6596, if you become the victim of a burglary or theft.