In the event that a security violation occurs and suspected compromise or actual loss or compromise of classified information as determined by the Security Administrator exists, the following will apply:

  1. Preliminary Inquiry.  The Security Administrator and the Principal Investigator (PI) or Supervisor involved will investigate the security violation to determine the seriousness and extent of the suspected compromise of classified information.
  1. Initial Report.  If the preliminary inquiry confirms a loss, compromise, or suspected compromise, the Security Administrator will submit an initial report to the DSS Field Office.
  1. Final Report.  This report will be submitted to the PI or Supervisor, and will also be submitted to the DSS Field Office as notification to the government, if the seriousness of the violation so warrants.  The PI/Supervisor involved will take the proper corrective or disciplinary action indicated in the Security Administrator report. 

Disciplinary action will be based on the number and severity of violations charged to an employee within a twelve-month period.  The beginning of the period will be established by the date of the first violation.  The following disciplinary action will apply except in cases deemed by the Security Administrator to be severe:

  1. First Violation – Individual responsible for the violation shall be, either orally or in writing, reprimanded for the violation by the PI or Supervisor.  A copy of the reprimand will be forwarded to the Security Administrator for review and placed in the individual personnel security file.
  2. Second Violation – The person responsible for a second violation will be given a written reprimand and required to be interviewed by the Security Administrator.  A copy of the written reprimand will be furnished to the Security Administrator and placed in the individual personnel security file.
  3. Third Violation – The person responsible for the third violation will be interviewed and counseled by the Security Administrator and PI/Supervisor for the purpose of having employee’s security clearance administratively terminated.