This tab is intended to give personnel who are not cleared an understanding of the responsibilities of safeguarding proprietary and classified information.

We are a contractor cleared by the government to do tasks that may or may not be classified. Everyone who works in this environment should be aware of what a classified document looks like and what precautions to take if there is classified information found unattended.


All employees, cleared or unclear, must practice Need-to-Know. "Need-to-Know" is the determination by an authorized holder of information (classified, sensitive, or proprietary) that access to the information is required by another individual to perform official duties. In short, Need-to-know means "the information is required to do the job." Want-to-Know and Need-to-Know are not the same.

It is each employee's responsibility to determine Need-to-Know. If in doubt, consult with your supervisor or security personnel.

Good Need-to-Know procedures limit the amount of information in the work place.

Workplace Awareness

Be aware of visitors in the workplace. If a person seems "Out of Place," challenge them by asking where they are going and who they are visiting. Do not take it for granted that they are "OK" just because they are wearing a badge. All visitors must be escorted while visiting our facility. If you feel something is wrong, notify security immediately.