Insider Threat comes from any person with authorized access to any U. S. Government or UAH resources who uses that access either wittingly or unwittingly to do harm. The best defense is an active one, which helps to identify the threat before loss of information, and to serve as an effective deterrent. By reporting adverse information, suspicious activities and other insider threat indicators, you will actively help to detect, deter and mitigate the insider threat to UAH.

Insider Threat Indicators:

  • Unreported requests for critical assets outside official channels
  • Unreported offers of financial assistance, gifts, or favors by a foreign national or stranger
  • Unauthorized downloads or copying of files
  • Seeking to obtain access to critical assets inconsistent with present duty requirements
  • Attempting to conceal any work-related or personal foreign travel
  • Frequently working after hours or at unusual times
  • Attempts to expand access
  • Changes in financial circumstances (affluence or financial difficulties)
  • Repeated and continued patterns of performance deterioration

The protection of classified and proprietary information is in your hands; it is up to you to report. If you have any questions or concerns about Insider Threat or something to report please contact Janine Wilson.

After all, you are the Center of Security.

Reporting the Threat