A controlled meeting is a meeting where Export Control, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and/or classified information is discussed. The following procedures are applicable to classified meetings held on the UAH campus:

  1. The Director or an ORS staff member must be notified as far as in advance as possible of any classified meetings that will be scheduled on the UAH campus. ORS will provide guidance for the location to hold the meeting.
  2. A “Request for Controlled Meeting” form must be submitted in advance.
    1. For up to twelve attendees, the form must be submitted seven days prior to the day of the meeting.
    2. If there are thirteen or more attendees, the form must be submitted fifteen to thirty days in advance of the meeting (dependent upon the number of attendees). 
  3. ORS will verify that all attendees have appropriate security clearances, as well as a need-to-know. Security clearances should be certified through the DoD DISS Visit Request system or by fax to ORS.
  4. If applicable, disconnect any telephones from the wall jacks.
  5. Post signs reading “Meeting in Progress – Authorized Personnel Only” and “Prohibited Items” at all entrances to the meeting room.
  6. Cell phones, smart watches, pagers, and other portable electronic devices are not permitted into the meeting room for classified meetings. An ORS staff member will be available prior to the start of the meeting to collect these items.
  7. If available, turn on white noise and ensure it is at the edge of the room facing out.
  8. A briefing will be provided to meeting participants of the emergency evacuation procedures for the room of the meeting. If an emergency should occur, all classified material will be gathered and controlled immediately by a properly cleared person to be taken to the evacuation.
  9. The person conducting the meeting must announce, prior to starting and if applicable, that the following items/articles are prohibited from being in the room during the meeting: any electronic equipment such as cell phones, smart watches, pagers, recorders, cameras, etc.
  10. The person conducting the meeting shall advise all attendees of the classification level of the meeting at the beginning of the meeting and each time they reconvene. The conductor will also explain the following:
    1. Classified information may not be shared with others for whom access has not been authorized.
    2. It is recommended that notes not be taken during classified meetings. However, if notes must be taken, they shall be considered classified and must be appropriately marked and protected by an ORS staff member.
    3. Any questions regarding the classification of the notes taken at this meeting will be referred to the government office sponsoring the meeting.
  11. The entrance and exit to the meeting room will be monitored at all times. The monitor(s) will note individuals arriving and leaving, making additions or deletions to the attendance list as required. Any changes must be verified appropriately by an ORS staff member.
  12. The monitor(s) will ensure that no unauthorized personnel enter the meeting room. If urgent messages must be passed to anyone in the meeting, ensure that only an individual with an appropriate level of clearance and need-to-know delivers the message.
  13. At the conclusion of the meeting, the person conducting the meeting should:
    1. Remind attendees of their responsibility to protect the controlled information that was discussed.
    2. Be prepared to receive any classified notes taken that may require review for classification, storage, or destruction.
    3. Recover all extra copies of classified or sensitive unclassified information handed out during the meeting, as well as all copies not intended for retention by the attendees.