The Office of Marketing and Communications will be the leader in promoting and advocating for The University of Alabama in Huntsville identity, and in providing marketing expertise in collaboration with campus partners.


Our mission is to support efforts to market UAH as a leading institution of higher education and research and to tell the unique story of its community of innovative thought leaders.


  • Articulate the value of being associated with the UAH brand
  • Assist campus stakeholders with developing their unique identity in alignment with the UAH brand
  • Optimize internal capabilities through better use of content
  • Foster an environment of collaboration
  • Communicate the value of OMC’s services to the campus
  • Improve internal communication and cohesiveness


  • Enhance strategic marketing communication
  • Increase enrollment and retention
  • Assist development and fundraising efforts
  • Promote the value of the research enterprise
  • Increase awareness of the university’s impact on workforce development
  • Facilitate effective internal communications
  • Monitor metrics to improve our performance