Chemical Waste Pick up

All waste containers must have a “chemical waste” label generated through Chematix affixed at the time waste is first placed into the container. Once all wastes are appropriately labeled:

  • All chemical waste will be picked up by OEHS.  Please use the Chematix website to submit a pickup request. The site is and your login is your Single Sign On. All requests must come through this form.
  • Chemicals must never be transported in personal vehicles. Only OEHS may transport chemical waste in approved University vehicles.
  • Chemicals must NOT be disposed of by evaporation. This includes evaporation in fume hoods or biosafety cabinets. Remember, chemical waste containers must be kept closed at all times except when actively adding chemical waste.
  • Small containers that are difficult to label can be placed in the label pouch with the label to keep them together.  Please be careful not to wrap the label pouches around so that the labels cannot be replaced when the final pickup date is added by OEHS.