Mary Brenner, Julianna Mize, Christine Schueler, and Eddie Damron

Honors nursing students Mary Brenner, Julianna Mize, Christine Schueler, and Eddie Damron presented their individual research studies.

Four senior nursing students, who are members of the Honors College at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, presented their individual research studies at the Beta Phi, Sigma Theta Tau event held at the College of Nursing, December 10, 2014. Beta Phi is the local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, which is a global organization whose mission is to advance world health and nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service, while continually supporting evidence-based practice.

Mary Brenner, Julianna Mize, Christine Schueler, and Eddie Damron were invited to share their current research findings during the event, which included undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professional level research projects. The students, as part of their honors commitment, implemented their own projects, to demonstrate their scholarly ability to advance nursing practices. Their individual studies spanned across a gamut of topics which included: interventions to assist breast-feeding mothers while in the hospital; the effects of tyrosinemia (a rare genetic disorder effecting the liver) on the pediatric population; advancements in alternative pain control for laboring women in child birth; identifying microbial growth in suctioning devices when used at birth for neonates. Though these projects are part of their curriculum as honor students, the results may reach much further than the campus of UAH, potentially changing the way nurses, physicians, and scientists conduct their practice in the future.

The student’s research will continue into their final semester at UAH, and over the next five months, they will complete their thesis, and seek to disseminate their findings through publication. Ms. Brenner, Mize, Schueler, and Mr. Damron each worked with a current nursing faculty as their mentor; Ellise Adams, PhD, CNM, Beth Barnby, DNP, ACNP-BC, CCRN, and Pam O’Neal, PhD, RN. Projects, such as these, would not be possible without the continued support of these professors, Dean Marsha Adams, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, and the College of Nursing. We wish to congratulate their efforts and wish them success as they finalize their studies.

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