Jay Kwon is a nursing student at UAH. She was nominated for Student Worker of the Year for her professionalism and standard of excellence.
Mary Deason | UAH

Jayoung (Jay) Kwon was recently awarded for her role in the College of Nursing as a Student Worker. Mary Deason, Manager of the Simulation and Learning Innovation Center (SLIC), nominated Jay for her outstanding performance as a student worker. 

"In the heart of the UAH Nursing curriculum is the Simulation and Learning Innovation Center (SLIC). This is where students learn nursing skills and techniques that they will use on real patients in the community. A lot of preparation and work goes into setting up the skills labs and simulation labs," says Deason.

"Jay exhibits the standard of excellence for the SLIC with her reliability, professionalism, leadership, helpfulness, and drive."

In addition to being a student leader, Kwon is known to inspire and motivate other nursing students by fostering collaboration and excellence.

"Her positive attitude is infectious," says Deason. "She embodies professionalism by arriving early and treats everyone with respect."

Though Kwon is a nursing major, she is not yet in the nursing program. She's considered a "lower-division" nursing student. Students can apply for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program after satisfying pre-nursing requirements. Though she may be less familiar with specialty nursing and lab equipment, she always asks questions to ensure she can learn and share her knowledge with other students. 

Deason adds, "Jay Kwon stands as a shining example of the values and virtues of the UAH SLIC. Her reliability, professionalism, leadership, and helpfulness reflect the impact she has in the SLIC, and reminds others of the passion, perseverance, and purpose all of us try to deliver serving everyone at UAH."