Maggie Crosby, Nursing Student at UAH
Maggie Crosby is a first-semester student in the nursing program at the UAH College of Nursing. She serves as President of the UAH CON Ambassadors. Below is her encouragement for new and potential nursing students.
Michael Mercier | UAH

I’m so glad you are looking into attending the College of Nursing at the University of Alabama in Huntsville! I truly don’t believe you will find a better nursing program to attend with a stronger community beside you cheering you on. If you’ve already been accepted into our nursing program, congratulations! We’re excited to have you.

I was in your shoes not too long ago. I was scouring the CON page after finding out about my family’s relocation. I did my research and found that the nursing program at UAH was one of the best in the state, so I told my husband that Huntsville was where I wanted us to be so that I could attend UAH.

I am a second-degree seeking student here at UAH. I graduated with my first bachelor’s from Mississippi State University in 2018. I had the dream to attend nursing school at that time, but convinced myself it was too hard, I wasn’t smart enough, it would take too long, etc.

If you are holding back from applying, I encourage you to reach out to one of the advisors with any questions you may have. But if you are holding back because you’ve heard it’s hard or it’s challenging, I encourage you to push those fears to the side and apply anyway.

I won’t lie and try to hide how rigorous your course load can be. But along that same line, I won’t lie and make you believe that you aren’t capable. Because you are. One thing you need to know and believe is that you have made it through every difficult day, event, and moment in your life up until now, and you can keep making it through them.

Nursing school will have difficult moments. But that isn’t to say that it isn’t worth it. If you desire to become a nurse enough that you are looking into a program and considering applying or attending, then that says that you want to do more and that you want to be more. And you can.

There will be days that are hard, and you wonder what in the world you got yourself into. And on those days, you need to look inward and find the strength to push through. Never give up on your dreams, never let someone else make you question your worth or your abilities.

If you were smart enough to make it this far, you are smart enough to pull through and get your degree. You can make a difference, you can make a change, and you are beyond capable.

I hope you take the leap to follow that dream of yours, and I hope that leap leads you here to UAH, but more specifically the College of Nursing.