Tuition and Fees

Very competitive tuition regardless of residency. Complete information on tuition and fees can be found under "Distance Learner Rate Tuition, Graduate Courses, College of Nursing" at the

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services, located in the Conference Training Center, provides financial aid information and assists students in meeting individual needs. Financial aid for graduate students in the College of Nursing comes primarily from the following sources:

  1. Alabama Board of Nursing Scholarships. Fifteen scholarships are granted each year to graduate students attending schools in Alabama. Funding is $3,800 for full-time study for one year. Students must make application directly to the Alabama Board of Nursing. Contact the Alabama Board of Nursing for further information.
  2. Federal Nurse Training Grants. The College of Nursing applies annually for a limited number of traineeships for graduate students. These funds are granted to admitted students enrolled for full-time study and admitted students enrolled for part-time study who will graduate within 12 months. Application forms may be obtained through the College of Nursing Office of Graduate Programs.
  3. Nurse Faculty Loan Program
  4. Elizabeth M. Fisher Memorial Scholarship.
  5. Graduate Teaching Assistantships.
  6. Graduate Research Assistantships.
  7. Graduate Tuition Scholarships.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Services (256) 824-2761 if you have questions.