The Nano and Micro Devices Center (NMDC) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville has established an external user base to promote growth of the center, improve educational opportunities for UAH students, and provide a national resource for Nano and Micro Device research. 

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Becoming a NMDC Partner!

Step 1:
Read the IP statement regarding work performed at the NMDC and choose a type of usage plan. 

Step 2:
Contact Patrick Reardon, Associate NMDC Director, via email ( or phone (256-824-2530). Dr. Reardon and his group members can advise you on the feasibility of your proposed project at our facility and can give an approximate timeline and cost estimate. 

Step 3:
Upon this initial contact, you will be asked to submit a brief project description that discusses the nature of the work to be performed. Please download the Project Application Form

Step 4:
After review and acceptance, user contracts and/or cooperative research agreements will be provided as needed. 

Step 5:
Return the completed contract with a purchase order. 

Setting up a new project can take one to two weeks to ensure all details and requirements are correct. There is a required orientation and safety training course (about 6 hours spread over 2 days). Many new users change their plan of attack significantly once they arrive and become better acquainted with the facility, it's faculty/staff, and capabilities.