Student researchers win during UAH Research Week

Students displaying their research posters

Students displayed their posters and talked about their research on April 12 in M. Louis Salmon Library's Student Success Center.

José Betancourt | UAH

Twenty-four projects were winners at the third annual University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Research Horizons Day Poster Session held in M. Louis Salmon Library's Student Success Center Wednesday, April 12, and during UAH Research Week April 12-14.

Student awardees, mentors and project titles:

Research Horizons Day Poster Session

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


First: Raeley Stevenson; mentor: Dr. José Betancourt

"Musicians In Motion: A Study of Songs though Photography"

Second: Rebekah Frederick, Rebekah, Zella A. Brown, Shatura L. Hall, Andrew Creech, Madhu K. Sridhar, Ryan T. Conners, Chang-kwon Kang, Shannon L. Mathis; mentor: Dr. D. Brian Landrum

"Measuring the Effect of the Alexander Technique on Posture in Violinists and Violists Using Motion Capture Technology"

Third: Brittany Newby; mentor: Dr. Lillian Joyce

"Sheela-na-gigs: The Forgotten Daughters of the Ancient Goddess"


First: Alan Harrison, Hillary Erwin, Michael Waldon, Donald Skinner, Breanna Crane; mentor: Dr. Jodi Price

"Examining the Roles of Fluency and Memory Beliefs in Participants’ Encoding Strategies, Judgments of Learning, and Memory Performance"


College of Business


First: Ashton Baker; mentor: Dr. William Mackenzie

"The Influence of Competent and Warm Stimuli on Social Judgments"

Second: Chris Brookshaw, Jared Grogan; mentor: Dr. Brinda Mahalingam

"Mallard Fox Creek Industrial Park and Cummings Research Park: Investigating Employment and Income Disparities"

Third: Danielle Curet; mentor: Dr. Allen Wilhite

"An Agent-Based Model of Live Escape Rooms"


College of Education


First: Blaise R. Binns, James K. Ballamy, Anna H. Gowan, Anna L. Roberts; mentor: Dr. Shannon L. Mathis

"The Effect of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on 5k Running Performance of Collegiate Track Athletes: Beets to Beat the Best!"

Second: William C. Selby, Taylor C. Sheets, Timothy J. Woods, Darren A. Workman, Jennifer R. Cole; mentor: Dr. Shannon L. Mathis

"The Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on the Pain Pressure Threshold of Collegiate Athletes with Undiagnosed Shoulder Pain"

Third: Austin Sanders, Robert Seemann, Michael Fox, Sarah Jordan

"The Effects of Ankle Taping on Performance in Varsity Athletes"


College of Engineering

Top Undergraduate Posters

Matthew Haskell, Jared Fuchs, William Hankins, Tate Harriman, Benjamin Thompson; mentor: Dr. Francis Wessling

"Concept Study of a Reusable Suborbital Launch Vehicle"

David Ritchie; mentor: Dr. Christina Carmen

"Design and Development of a High Altitude Wind Tunnel (HAT)"

Hayden Fowler, Zheng Lu; mentor: Dr. Yu Lei

"Investigation of Copper Catalysts for Propylene Epoxidation"


Steven Doyle; mentor: Dr. Gabe Xu

"Size distribution of carbon nanoparticles from a methane/argon HV pulsed DC atmospheric microplasma jet"


College of Nursing


First: Elizabeth Gates; mentor: Dr. Louise O'Keefe

"Preliminary Validation of CAPTURE with UTI Samples"


College of Science


First: Christopher Helmerich, Cory Wolfe, Devon Suns, Elena Pradhan, Everett Cavanaugh, Jennifer Miller, John Bennett, Juhun Kim, Lucas Capps, Sean Widmier, Tyrell Jamison; mentor: Dr. Francis Wessling

"Physoon – High Altitude Radiation Detection Balloon Payload"

Second (tie)

Marissa Moore; mentor: Dr. Gordon MacGregor

"Increased cerebral cortex myelination in mice with tyrosinemia type I is associated with differences in social behavior "

Maggi Klug, Jordan Cissell, Max Grossman; mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

"Assessing Landslide Susceptibility and Exposure in Malawi using NASA Earth Observations"

Third: Daryl Ann Winstead, Jeanne le Roux, Sara Amirazodi, Christina Fischer, Dwight Tigner; mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

"Lake Victoria Water Resources"


First: Kelsey Herndon, Sydney Neely, Dash Cruz, Ryan Schick; mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

"Utilizing NASA Earth Observations to Protect Ancient Chacoan Sites Throughout the San Juan Basin, New Mexico"

Second: Junxiang Hu, Junxiang Hu, Xianzhi AO, Gary Zank, Olga Verkhoglyadova; mentor: Dr. Gang Li

"Radial and Longitudinal Extent of SEP Radiation Environment: Modeling Gradual SEP Events with iPATH"

Third: Bruce Pella; mentor: Dr. Anusree Mukherjee

"Reactivity of N-polydentate Copper(II)-alkylperoxo Complexes"


So You Think You Can Research


Shelby Kaup, MS, College of Science, Biology

"Tired of Hanging Out?"


Hasan Alrefai, senior, College of Science, Biology

"Blood, Sweat and Bones"