UAH biology professor one of six honored with appreciation award

Lab Students

Dr. Gordon MacGregor, an assistant professor of biology, poses with his Faculty Appreciation Award alongside students in his lab.

A long list of publications is often considered the measure of a professor's success, but a more meaningful indicator may be the admiration of his students. Dr. Gordon MacGregor has both. This spring, the prolific assistant professor of biology at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) received the 2015 College of Science Faculty Appreciation Award.

The selection process began with a call for nominations from the university's Student Government Association (SGA). Several of Dr. MacGregor's students responded, citing his passion for teaching as worthy of recognition:

  • "He really cares for his students' success. His classes taught me that hard work can pay off and that I will get out what I put in. They taught me to think more critically as well." - Tanvi Singh, undergraduate biology major
  • "He really makes sure that we understand each concept in the course and how to apply it to our career paths. Personally, that stands out to me since so many teachers are focused on teaching by the book, but Dr. MacGregor tries to make an impact on how we can utilize what we know." - Taylor Bono, undergraduate biology major
  • "Dr. MacGregor often says that science is an art, and he encourages his students to treat each experiment with the precision and attention that an art piece would require. His passion for the subjects that he teaches translates well into his lectures, which makes it impossible for students to be disinterested in his class." - Aleksandra Pivovarova, graduate biology major
  • "The most important thing I have taken away from being in his lab is that I am capable of more than I tend to think, and I need to put all the resources at my hands to good use. He has always encouraged me to think critically and consider carefully before I proceed with any one option." - Brandilynn Wilson, graduate biology major

The nominations were then tallied and voted on by the SGA's Faculty Awards Committee, and the winners announced at the beginning of the Student Leader Awards Ceremony hosted by the Office of Student Life earlier this month. With a professor named for each college, however, Dr. MacGregor was not the only one honored with an award.

Dr. Matthew Turner received the College of Engineering Faculty Appreciation Award for "going above and beyond the call of duty, caring deeply for his students beyond the classroom."

Faculty Awards

Six faculty members were recognized with the SGA’s Faculty Appreciation Award at the 2015 Student Leader Awards Ceremony.

Dr. Jodi Price received the College of Liberal Arts Faculty Appreciation Award for being "committed to hearing her students' ideas and helping them prepare for a future in the field."

Melissa Baginsky received the College of Nursing Faculty Appreciation Award for being "a walking role model" and "a mentor, a colleague, and a friend."

Dr. Eugene Bryson received the College of Business Administration Faculty Appreciation Award for always challenging his students "to do their best both professionally and personally."

And Dr. Beth Quick received the College of Education Faculty Appreciation Award for being "a great example of what a teacher should be for others aspiring to teach."

As for his award, Dr. MacGregor can only say that he is "pleasantly surprised and extremely honored" at receiving it. "I had no idea that the students did this kind of thing," he says, "but it's a wonderful reminder of how important it is to focus on teaching - which is a really hard skill to master - and not just passing on information."