Update from UAH President Darren Dawson

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Today members of my senior administrative team and I met with the young driver involved in the October 3 traffic stop and his parents. We informed the family that this incident has been investigated and corrective actions have been taken. We again apologized for the incident and had a meaningful and productive conversation about how we will improve our service to the UAH and Huntsville communities.

Our action plan includes:

  • We are reviewing UAHPD policies and procedures to ensure they align with best practices.
  • We will increase awareness of channels to report concerns (UAHPD Citizen Complaint Form, Ethics Hotline and Charger 360).
  • We will form a committee of campus partners to review the practices, policies and procedures of the UAHPD, and make recommendations where appropriate. Laterrica Shelton, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, has been selected to chair this committee.
  • UAHPD will undergo additional training.

Together we will work diligently to strengthen our community relationships and ensure all members of our community are treated fairly, equitably, and with understanding.


Darren Dawson


Elizabeth Gibisch