UAH announces Employee Service Recognition Awards

Image of the UAH awards for Employee Service Recognition
Michael Mercier / UAH

The University of Alabama in Huntsville, a part of The University of Alabama System, announced its Employee Service Recognition Awards for faculty and staff who have achieved employment milestones.

“On behalf of the UAH community, I extend congratulations to each of you for reaching a significant service milestone in 2020,” says UAH President Dr. Darren Dawson. “Each employee is important to the university’s success. We could not do what we do and achieve our mission without you. I want to give each of you a most heartfelt thank you for what you have done over the years and for the service and sacrifices you will make in the years to come. You have set an extraordinary example of commitment, professionalism and solidarity.”

Listed below are the employees who have achieved 30, 35, or 40 years of service with UAH. Please visit the UAH service awards web page for additional information that will also feature a thank you video from Dr. Dawson.

Thirty years:

  • Ethel M. Boughknight, Custodial Worker II, Custodial Services
  • Dr. Irena Buksa, Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures
  • Kelly Z. Butcher, Sr Administrative Assistant, SMAP Center
  • Dr. Harry S. Delugach, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Susan E. O'Brien, Principal Res Engineer VI, S4, Rotorcraft
  • Dr. Carolyn I. Sanders, Professor, Music
  • Dr. Jeffrey J. Weimer, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Thirty-five years:

  • Terence B. Haley, Dir, Procurement & Bus Serv, Business Services
  • Robert N. Harvey Jr., Principal Res Scientist III S2, SMAP Center
  • Dr. Kevin R. Knupp, Professor, Atmospheric Science
  • Dr. Fan T. Tseng, Department Chair, Management Science

Forty Years:

  • Dr. Fat D. Ho, Professor, E & C Engineering