UAH 2016­ - 2017 Parking Decals now available (updated)

UAH 17 commuter expires 08/31/2017

UAH 2016-2017 parking permits are available for purchase online today at All students and employees, including part-time students and employees, contractors, and adjunct faculty who park a vehicle on campus must pay the annual parking fee, register their vehicle(s), and correctly display a current parking permit. The parking fee for the upcoming academic year will remain the same at $120 for an individual vehicle and $60.00 for each additional vehicle that is parked on the campus. Parking permits will be available for direct purchase at the Parking Management Office, starting Monday, July 25, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m., to 5 p.m.

With the expected increased enrollment, the university has undertaken a parking study in order to best identify specific parking needs of the campus community. As a part of this study, new colored coded permits will be issued this fall to commuter and resident students to better understand the campus parking flow and parking lot occupancy rates. These permits will provide the same parking privileges as previous years. The new permits will also allow consultants to analyze and effectively study the parking patterns of individual vehicle operators.

Due to the expected increased demand on some campus parking lots we recommend that members of the UAH community arrive early and check the underutilized parking lots on campus: W27 Charger Park Lot, W30 South Von Braun Research Hall Lot, and the T43 Southwest Technology Hall Lot.

For additional information about parking fees and permit issuance, please visit: UAH Police Parking Management Office website.


UAH Police Parking Management Office


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