Guest Hours for the M. Louis Salmon Library are from 9am to 8pm [or from opening to 15 minutes before closing on days that open after 9am or close before 8pm].

Non-UAH Patrons: Community, Local Education, and Guest Access at the M. Louis Salmon Library

Community members can come to the Salmon Library to read, study, visit Charger Brew, and to conduct other library/research business. There is no charge to enter the library. Community members without guest access can view the physical materials - books, journals, maps, and special collections - and can use a special kiosk to look up government documents (for more information about the government documents kiosk, contact Michael Manasco:

Policies about Guest Visits to the M. Louis Salmon Library

  • Guest users must abide by all library and campus policies, including Return to Campus guidelines set in place during the Covid-19 Pandemic and other temporary/emergency guidelines as may be instated.
  • Guest users may enter the library from opening until either 8pm or 15 minutes before closing, whichever is earlier. Guests who leave after these hours will not be allowed re-entry until the next business day.
  • Guest users must check in at the User Services Desk in the library lobby.
  • Guests may be asked to leave at any time due to violation of library, campus, or these specific guest policy rules.

Borrowing Materials and Library Account Access, Guest and Alumni Patrons

Guests and other account levels may have access to either just the computers in the Info Arcade (and through them our digital resources), or computer access combined with circulation access. Note, even if you do not have an account, you may utilize print materials in building and photocopy or scan it.

There are many types of guest accounts. For any additional information about them, please contact User Services via phone [(256)824-6530] or email [] or in person. The three most prominent types of guest account are:

  • Alumni accounts are free, and require a state photo ID and proof of Alumni status to sign up. Alumni members get access to the guest computers and can check out 50 books at a time for 60 days with 1 renewal. 
  • Computer-Only Guest accounts cost $60 per three months, and require a photo ID to sign up. Computer-Only guests have access to the guest computers in the Info Arcade, but do not have circulation rights. They can also be purchased on a one-day basis for $6. 
  • Full-Access Guest accounts cost $90 per three months, and also require a photo ID to sign up. Besides computer access as described, above, they may check out 5 books at a time, for 28 days, with 1 renewal.

UA/UAB Student, Faculty, and Staff Borrowing Privileges

For those currently affiliated with The University of Alabama and The University of Alabama at Birmingham, we offer reciprocal borrowing privileges. In order to obtain access to our collection,proof of current enrollment or active faculty/staff status is required. UA-system patrons can check out up to 3 books for 28-days at a time and receive access to our guest computers (for on-campus access to our digital materials). This access will be good through the end of the current academic semester and must be renewed. 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) members have complimentary access to the the Salmon Library's resources. This access will be provided as long as guest remains an active OLLI Member. OLLI members will get access to library PCs (up to 4 hours per day, as per standard guest patron rules) and the ability to check out up to 5 books for 28 days per book. To activate your membership, stop by the User Services Desk. Verification of current OLLI membership will be required.

Calhoun Community College

Individuals enrolled or employed at Calhoun Community College can get access to the Salmon Library. With proof of enrollment/employment, Calhoun members receive library access for the sum of $25.00 per year. This privilege includes the check-out of three books at a time for 28 days at a time and the issuance of a username and password for access to the PCs in the library. This privilege level does not include remote access to the library’s online resources.

Summer Internships & Other UAH-affiliated Non-student Groups

Interns and persons who are part of other groups affiliated with The University of Alabama in Huntsville but who are not enrolled as UAH students should have a point person sponsoring their presence on campus.

If Library services are desired for the group, this UAH affiliated sponsor can contact the library ( to arrange access. The library will need:

  • a list of names and A#s,
  • the name of the organization/program (if applicable),
  • whether this use requires physical checkouts or only online materials,
  • and the date range required for access.

Upon approval, individuals in the program will receive the same access level as guest users. Any special needs or considerations should be brought to the library's attention before the start of the program.

The sponsor will be responsible for assuring that all library materials are returned before the program finishes, and will be liable for any lost or missing items.

Individuals should bring a photo ID to finish verifying their account before their first usage of the library.

Off-Campus Access

At this time, the library cannot offer off-campus access to its digital/online materials, even to Alumni. If you need to look up information off campus, you can use our library catalog or you can use the Alabama Virtual Library. If you questions about these materials, you may contact us for research assistance, but to access the materials you will need to be on campus.

Tours and More Information

If you would like more information, contact the Research Help Desk [(256)824-6529 or or in person] and we can arrange a tour or discuss what is available at the library.