We've partnered with Nearpeer to bring you another benefit of being an OLLI member!


copy of nearpeer logo standard stacked 1 1Neerpear is a community engagement app recently expanding into lifelong learning programs nationwide. It is a closed-app experience for OLLI at UAH members, so you don't have to worry about advertisements, scams, or people trying to acquire/sell your information.

The goal is to make it easier for OLLI members (especially those who might not be extroverts) to connect over shared interests and help strengthen our community even more! We'll be working on minor tweaks as more members join up to make the Nearpeer experience as useful (and fun) as we can! (So bear with us for the first few weeks.)

You can use Nearpeer on your computer, phone, or tablet...whatever is easier for you. We'll have training sessions throughout the semesters covering the basics, and you can always come by the office if you have a question. Here are just a few examples of things you can do with Nearpeer.

  • Want to chat with OLLI members who were in a class you took last semester? Look them up and say hello.
  • Want to find people who are interested in both The Lord of the Rings and Nature Photography? You can search for them.
  • Want to start a group and talk about weird history stuff? We can do that.
  • Want to share info about an awesome hike you took over the weekend? Do it.
  • Want to organize a trip with your OLLI friends? Work out over chat and make it happen.

We hope you'll give this new benefit a try and help to keep making our OLLI family even stronger.

Training Sessions Avaialble.

We don't have any group sessions scheduled at the moment. Let us know if you're interested.

Training Video

Available soon. It will cover the sign-up process and general features.

Sign Up and Download the App

Click the button below and sign up using your name and email address. You'll receive an invitation link within a couple of days. That link will allow you to set up your account on Nearpeer via the web. 


A Few Things to Remember When Setting Up Your Account

  • Make sure you use a profile picture that includes your face. No one can recognize you from class if you use a picture of your dog.
  • Please fill out the interests and passions as soon as possible. Nearpeer prioritizes showing you other members who have the same interests.
  • Check out the Groups tab. These function as group chats. Remember that everyone who is a member of that group can see what you post. Click on the little plus sign in the bottom right corner to browse groups and join them.
    • If you have an idea for a new group, please let us know.
  • Spend some time looking up fellow OLLI members and chatting.