Teach For OLLI

Share Your Expertise and Experience!

OLLI offers a wide range of courses and is always interested in adding new expertise. Whether you are interested in providing a one-day bonus or committing to a 4, 6 or 8 week course, OLLI at UAH would love to discuss your interest and available options

  • Inspire others to learn and explore
  • Develop innovative and exciting courses
  • Teach without administrative burdens
  • Engage with peers and share interests

Although volunteering as an OLLI instructor provides no financial compensation, you will feel rewarded by the extensive positive feedback and generous "aha!" moments you provide to others. No teaching experience necessary; volunteer training available and course facilitator provided.

If you are interested in teaching for OLLI or have an idea for a course and presenter that you would like to share, please complete the online form. Once this form is received, we will follow up to discuss your proposal in more detail and provide you an introduction to how teaching for OLLI works!

You may also contact John Mason, OLLI at UAH VP of Curriculum, at OLLICurriculum@uah.edu, with any questions or ideas on teaching for OLLI at UAH. If you have any questions on how to submit the form, please call 256.824.6183.