The Call Number was our our library newsletter from 2013 to 2020, dedicated to sharing news about library events and resources, tips on using our databases, and highlights from throughout the semester. It was a once-per-semester publication with an initial issue in Fall 2013. You can read past issues below in PDF form. 

The Library now uses EMMA as an email newsletter (several times throughout the academic year). If you would like be added to the new email list (note: all students, faculty, and staff should be on the list automatically), then email and he can add  you.


Fall 2013 issue


Spring 2014 issue 


Fall 2014 Issue

Spring 2015 Newsletter Cover

Spring 2015 Issue

call number fall 2015

Fall 2015 Issue

call number spring 2016 page001

Spring 2016 Issue


Fall 2016 Issue

call number spring 2017cover

Spring 2017 Issue


Fall 2017 Issue


Spring 2018 Issue


Fall 2018 Issue

the call number spring 2019

Spring 2019 Issue

the call number fall 2019v2

Fall 2019 Issue

the call number spring 2020

Spring 2020 Issue

E-Resources Newsletters


Besides The Call Number, the Salmon Library also releases annual newsletters aimed at electronic resources with a separate newsletter for each college.