The Salmon Library has recently upgraded our Sage Journal subscription to Sage Premier [note: link requires UAH campus access].  This is Sage's largest journal collection available and increases our number of Sage journals by 500% across many new disciplines. This is a substantial upgrade and one that will be valuable for all the students and researchers around campus. If you like to see the complete 2024 Sage Premier title list, contact and just ask, we would be happy to share.

Events This Week and Happening Soon

This week, the MultiMaker Lab will be having their third part of the Maker Tuesdays series of events. This week (Tuesday @ 6pm) will be "Art Is Everywhere" which will cover new ways to look at art and challening the pre-conception about what makes art.

Other upcoming events include: 

  • Book Swap and Sustainable Tea. April 22. 3pm to 5pm.
  • LinkedIn Profile Portraits. April 23nd. 1pm to 4pm. [This is a new date and time after the weather closure prevented it last week]
  • Upcycling Denim. April 25.  [Newly added! This workshop will look at taking old jeans (which you provide) and show you how to use various supplies (which we provide) to enhance and improve and get new life out of them.

Finals ReCharge and Extended Hours Soon

On April 25th, Extended Hours will begin. These will be:

  • Sunday: 1pm to Midnight
  • Monday through Thursday: 7:30am to Midnight
  • Friday: 7:30am to 10pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 1pm

The Finals ReCharge series of events also kick off on April 28 with Bad Art Night. Other events including Monday's Therapy Dogs (morning and afternoon sessions), Tuesday's Pizza and Tenders, and Wednesday's Free Coffee and Donuts

A brand new event has been added to Monday. Get free snacks from the library as the Collegiate Chapter of MTNA (Music Teachers of North America) plays relaxing background ambiance. This will be from noon to 1pm, in between the Therapy Dog sessions. More information will be available next week!