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This Thursday, the library has its first post-Spring Break event: Green Screen for Beginners. You can learn the basics of using this very powerful film and photography tool. 

Events Happening Soon

StackMaps Is Now Launching

The Salmon Library has signed up for StackMaps and StackMaps Explore. This is an online tool that makes it easier for patrons to find what they need in the library. Highlighting important areas, commonly used services, and subjects it can be used to locate what you need faster. Try it out and see what you think! Over the next few weeks it will be integrated more and more with the website and Primo Pathfinder to help point you to items on the shelfs (i.e. stacks, hence the name). If you have any feedback, let us know at refdesk@uah.edu

The Library Is Looking for Volunteers

The Salmon Library is looking for a few volunteers for the Spring 2024 Website Usability Study. This process is vital for us to make sure our website does what students, faculty, and staff expect from it. If you would like to volunteer or know someone who would be interested, email doug.bolden@uah.edu and let him know. All participants will get a goody bag. Each session will take about half an hour.

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Study Rooms Getting a Furniture Upgrade

Several of the larger study rooms on the first floor are closed this week for renovations. When they reopen, they will have new furniture and set-ups. There are still individual study rooms and study rooms on the second and third floor available for reservations if you need.