the crucible

The Salmon Library recently hosted our first ever 3D design competition. The competition was open to all UAH students, faculty, and staff, and the theme was best fictional item or gadget. The item could come from any medium, including books, films, television, comic books, and video games, and could be from any genre. The design had to be created entirely from scratch by the submitter and couldn’t be a remix of an existing 3D model. 

The winner of the contest was The Crucible designed by Cadis Ammons. The design was a two-handed energy sword from the video game, DOOM Eternal that is used in the game to kill titan demons. 

The 3D model is composed of ten different parts that interlock together for 3D printing. On the inside of the sword is empty space to allow room for wiring LED lights, and there’s a hole in the handle to turn them on and off once they’re installed. Cadis has extensive experience in 3D design and made The Crucible using the Autodesk Inventor software.