wow resolutions

The Salmon Library will be joining in with the Fall 2020 Week of Welcome. We have two different events going on.

The first going on all week (and a bit beyond): The New Academic Year Resolutions. What are those? They are like New Years resolutions, except for the Academic year. Which is to say: whatever you want to say about the upcoming school year. Folks have big plans and there are a lot of changes going on here on campus and around the world. This is a good place to share some of your plans, resolutions, hopes, and shoutouts. Use that link to leave your own or, starting August 18, stop by and see those left by other students. 

Then, on Wednesday, August 19, from 9am to 11am, we are going to have a (socially distanced) Meet the Librarians (with treats). We'll have pre-packaged goodie bags and a librarian or two handing them out. Stop by the front of the library and ask us questions or just say some things you'd like to see at the library. We can talk about the Makerspace and the Multimedia Lab, some of the changes we're looking at this semester, or anything you want to talk about. 

Have a good Fall semester, everyone. And remember, the library is here. 

wow greet