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Last semester, we had our first Tabletop Day featuring boardgames and lite RPGs. It was a success, and people who attended asked for more. This semester, we are going to have three different Saturdays set aside as Boardgame and Tabletop Days: February 16, March 2, and April 20*. At each, we are going to have snacks, a handful of boardgames brought along for those who just want to stop by and pick one up to play, a couple of different "demo" sessions where a librarian or library student will host a table, and plenty of space for anyone who wants to show up, bring their own game, host their own table, or just hang out. 

Basically any game is welcome: dice, card, strategy, party, role-playing, or puzzles. Bring along Lego if you want. This is an event for you. 

If you have a game that you love and would like others to see, bring it! 

If you have a one-shot scenario for Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu or Fate or Pathfinder or etc, bring it along and see if others want to join in (we've had some requests in the past for RPG demos, specifically). 

If you are working on your own game and need playtesters, we love to talk game design. 

If you know of a local game shop or game company who might be interested in reaching out, let them know. 

This is still a growing program so any suggestions you have, we'd love to hear them:

Hopefully, see you there.

* To avoid conflicts with ChargerCon, the third Boardgame & Tabletop Day has been moved to April 20. 

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