The Alabama Virtual Library has added Pronunciator to its roster. What does this mean for you?

Pronunciator has nearly 90 languages you can learn through its system. Each language course has on average 9,600 instructional phrases. Many languages also have live teachers to provide one-to-one instructions. It allows users to learn any language, in virtually any other language. This resource has four types of ESL (American, Australian, British, and Canadian) for speakers of 55 non-English languages.

Registration is quick and free. You can also choose instant access to skip the step for now. 

This resource is sure to add a much needed to gap to AVL's and the Salmon Library's resources, and has numerous applications. Want to take up a new hobby? Planning a trip? Want to better interact with students of different backgrounds on campus? Just curious about sentence structure? 

Give it a look!

For a complete list of current languages offered, see

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Note: If you want to see the database but don't have UAH credentials but do live in Alabama, you can access it via the AVL at (the initial link posted will prompt you to sign into UAH).