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This Friday at Noon, the Salmon Library will have the first of its series of workshops designed to help folks get creative by using tools available in the Lab (and elsewhere). Dubbed "In Media Res" (Latin for, "in the middle of things"), this series will have a focus of starting from basics and then explaining how to go further, so that they require no previous experience using these tools and services, but they are also aimed to show you specific ways to achieve certain tasks (with enough information and questions/answers that you expand the information to well beyond the scope of each workshop). 

All are free and all are open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni at UAH

Our initial series of six workshops are

  • Painting with Photoshop (March 16, Noon), dealing with using Photoshop to create interesting works of art with the inclusion of Wacom Tablets (though tablets not required). 
  • Launching a Youtube Channel (March 21, 3pm), dealing with starting a Youtube channel and uploading initial media and videos and a discussion about stuff like the Youtube Partner Program and various licenses. 
  • Podcasting with Audacity (April 5, 4pm), dealing with editing podcasts (and other recordings) using the open-source Audacity program and some discussion about where to publish your podcasts.
  • Snazzing Up Flyers with Illustrator (April 10, 1pm), dealing with creating marketing and information flyers using Illustrator for all sorts of purposes (promoting clubs or getting products out there) with some notes about how to find fun fonts and to choose color schemes.
  • Starting a Blog with Wordpress (April 13, Noon), dealing with starting up a Wordpress Blog (both the hosted and self-hosted versions) with initial design decisions and considerations a focus. 
  • Creating Infographics with Photoshop (April 20, Noon), dealing with using Photoshop to make infographics and some discussion about how to best layout infographics in general. 

Note: space for these is semi-limited (we have six workstations that can support a few people each, but if you have a laptop with the software you might want to bring those along just in case). Right now, this information will be limited to in-class attendees (we will not be livestreaming them or recording them) but are open to offer that at a later date. 

If you have any questions about these, would like to confirm a space, or would like to suggest future ideas, feel free to contact Doug Bolden at 256.824.2179 or by email at

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