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On February 28 and March 1, we will have three events for students, faculty, staff, and guests to learn more about open access, research, creativity, and how the three things intersect. Our distinguished speaker this semester is William Cross, the Director of the Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center at North Carolina State University. He is an expert at answering questions involving the new frontiers of intellectual property law and how impacts college campuses like ours. Descriptions of the three talks are below. All are open to everyone (the meet-and-greet is a bit more student oriented, mind), free to attend, and will have refreshments. 

Making Open Access the Rocket Fuel for Scholarship at UAH

February 28. 7pm. Salmon Library 111. For decades, open access (OA) has proved to be the most powerful way to launch academic careers and make scholarship that serves society. Most federal agencies and private funders require openness, but engineering an OA program that meets their specifications takes a team working together. Join William Cross, an attorney and open culture expert, for a discussion about the power of open and the way researchers, librarians, administrators, students, and staff can work together to make UAH's research take flight. Are you on the team?

Meet & Greet William Cross at the Salmon Library

March 1. 2pm. Salmon Library Art Gallery. Stop by for a chat and a snack with William Cross. Are you a researcher or an artist who is interested in how intellectual property law will impact your publication or your use of other people's publications? Interested in the future of IP Law and Open Access? Want to ask questions about one of his talks or articles? Just want to meet him? Drop in and ask questions!

Joining the Conversation: How to Reuse Creative Materials to Build an Open Culture

March 1. 7pm. Salmon Library 111. Fair Use and Creative Commons are vital tools in the creation of art, both from reusing other content creators' materials and allowing your own materials to be reused. William Cross will talk about how to properly make use of these tools in your creations, and why this is an important aspect of the cultural conversation of art and creativity.


Speaker Bio: William M. Cross is the Director of the Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center at North Carolina State University where he provides guidance to campus stakeholders on legal issues and open access to scholarship, data, and educational resources. Will serves as an instructor in the UNC School of Information & Library Science and lectures nationally on copyright, free expression, and open culture. Recent presentations have included a daylong workshop on legal issue at the Charleston Conference and webinars for the ACRL’s Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy Series and ALCTS Continuing Education series, as well as presenting the Opening Remarks at the 2016 Scholarly Communications Institute. Will has been quoted in publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, Library Journal, and Techdirt and publishes regularly on topics ranging from the pedagogy of legal education for librarians to the First Amendment status of video games.