staring into the sun

For those curious to see the sources and lecture notes by way of slides for our recent Staring at the Sun: Using NASA's Free Data for Research, here you go. A list of the 20 sources (plus two bonus general ones) are below. For an idea on how to use these resources, see the slides or visit the sources for more information.

General site for search for some of NASA's datasets - NASA Data Portal:

General site for open Government Data: 

  1. Astronomy Picture of the Day:
  2. HubbleSite:
  3. NASA Earth Observatory:
  4. Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth:
  5. Lunar and Planetary Institute Resources:
  6. Solar System Exploration:
  7. Scientific Visualization Studio:
  8. Salmon Library Space Collections:
  9. Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program:
  10. Astrophysics Data System:
  11. NASA Earth Observations (NEO):
  12. MarsTrek:
  13. Near-Earth Objects Program:
  14. Solar Dynamics Observatory:
  15. Planetary Data System (PDS):
  16. High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC):
  17. EarthData:
  18. Environmental Dataset Gateway (EPA):
  19. Open Energy Data (DoE):
  20. National Weather Service: