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The Salmon Library is about to have five events starting next week going through the end of October, including a couple of Halloween specials. For more information about these events, click on the event link or the event slides. 

Staring into the Sun: Using NASA's Free Data for Research [Refined Researchers]

October 18. Noon. Salmon Library 214. NASA has a number of free resources available that can help you get the scientific data you need for your research, study, and hobbies. Doug [, 256.824.2179] will show you NASA’s online data sets and archival materials, as well as stuff from other government sites.

CAS SciFinder Lunch & Learn

October 21. 11a-1p. Shelby Center, SST 301. Join the UAH Salmon Library, the UAH Chemistry Department, and the American Chemical Society in a lunch and learn event to find out more about CAS Scifinder.

LEGO Build Competition

October 22nd. 1p-4p. Salmon Library first floor. Show off your building skills the Salmon Library's first ever LEGO® competition. Build your original creation based on our theme of “WEIRD SCIENCE!” using your own LEGO and bring it to the Salmon Library for judging, display, prizes, and fun. Even if you are not competing, stop by and take a look at the entries! 

Why Does That Exist?! Strange Archives on the Internet [Refined Researchers]

October 25. 5:30pm. Salmon Library 214. The internet is a...we’ll say, interesting place. In this session, Michael [, 256.824.6965] will highlight some of the niche and otherwise bizarre data sets and resources: from what your favorite Star Wars character says about your career choices to strange recordings of number stations.

The Short, Nonsense Life of Your Average Clown Puppet: Introduction to the Weird Fiction of Thomas Ligotti [Refined Researchers]

October 27. 7pm. Salmon Library 111. Thomas Ligotti is a highly influential writer of weird fiction whose short stories deal with themes of nihilism, humanism, anti-humanism, despair, creativity, and surrealism. Doug Bolden [] will look at some of Ligotti's most powerful tales, his impact on the genre, the works that have influenced Ligotti, and how to find out more of his evocative darkness. Halloween treats will be provided. Mannequins optional. A short film will follow the talk.