Would you like to volunteer to help the Salmon Library out with a website usability study? We are looking for volunteers to help us test out features on the website and to get a better understanding of how people use it: how do they get to our databases, which features do they use the most, how easy is it to navigate, etc? 

Each session will take about half an hour and requires no prior knowledge of our website and no particular field of expertise. Information will be retained anonymously. There are no wrong answers, here. This is not a question of how well you can use the website, but how well the website works for you. 

We need between 5-10 volunteers. The study will begin September 20, 2016 and run for a couple of weeks (wrapping up on October 3) [note: you only have to do one session anywhere in that time period, sitting down with a librarian]. If you or anyone you know is interested, contact Doug Bolden at 256.824.2179 or at or simply stop by Library 119 or the Reference Desk and let us know.