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The Salmon Library will be making a change to how students, faculty, and staff log-in to the Info Arcade and other library computer labs. We will be integrating our system with the campus-wide login. How does this impact you? The primary three ways it impacts you are:

1) You will now log-in using your full UAH email address (ex: as a user name and the same password you use to sign into the SSO portals, Banner, Canvas, etc. In other words, your sign-in will be the same as what you use to access eduroam and updates to your password will impact your library log-in. NOTE: if you are using the default password (first initial, last initial, last six digits of your A-number), you will need to change your password via #3 before you can log-in, otherwise you will get an "Account Disabled" error message. 

2) We will no longer have an active directory storage for files attached to your library account, this means that you need to load documents to the cloud or to flash-drives before logging off. If you have files on there, now, you want to back them up ASAP (in the next day or so). NOTE: This is no longer true. Files will be stored on the Library system as they were previously. You will have lost any files from previous semesters, though, in the upgrade. We can retrieve them if you need, but just FYI.

3) OIT, and the OIT Self-Service Portal will be how you handle problems with your password, much like you do for the majority of your campus-wide accounts, and you can use the Password Reset Tool if you simply can't recall your password.

This change will take place Thursday through Friday, so should be in place by the start of the next semester. 

NOTE: This applies to UAH-affiliated patrons. Guests, including Alumni, are through a different system and so will still access the library in much the same way as before. 

Other aspects of the library computer lab us, such as printing and scanning and access applications, will stay the same. 

Questions? Contact the library at (256)824-6530 or at Or stop by. We'll be glad to answer them!