Serving as a Lancer was a very rewarding experience for me. It helped me to develop better leadership and networking skills. It also gave me the opportunity to give back to my school in a meaningful way. I am thankful for the lasting memories and connections that I made as a Lancer.

Charity Haggenmaker

Lancers Vice President 2013-2014
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 2014
Master of Science in Chemistry 2018


I was proud to serve as a Lancer because it enabled me to participate in many exciting university events. I also liked knowing that UAH could count on me to act as a representative of our student body.

Kim Thrasher

Class of 1994
College of Liberal Arts


The lasting friendships that I developed between fellow Lancers, UAH faculty and staff, and people in the Huntsville community are by far the most rewarding outcome of being a Lancer.

Everett E. Brooks, Jr.

Class of 1992
College of Engineering


Because I have had the opportunity to be a Lancer, I feel I am a true part of the university and not just a student who attends classes.

Jennifer Johnson

Lancer President, 1994-95
Class of 1996
College of Liberal Arts


My two years as a Lancer definitely impacted my college experience and taught me important lessons that will help me succeed in the years to come. I had the chance to meet and work with great people such as the UAH President, Trustees, faculty, staff and even UAH alumna Dr. Jan Davis.  And I would say the most special event I worked as a Lancer is The Board of Trustees Sessions.

Guillermo Reyes

Class of 2014
College of Engineering


It was an honor and a privilege to have served as a Lancer for six years.  As I reflect on my Lancer years, I enjoyed giving back to the UAH community as a hostess and tour guide for many campus events.  My experience with the UAH Lancers gave me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills, while serving in various positions on the Executive Board.  I will always treasure this experience.

Elise Morris

Master of Science in Engineering in May 2014
Bachelor of Science in Engineering in December 2011