In order to accommodate our students' individual needs, in person appointments can be made to speak with an international advisor regarding:

  • CPT or OPT (after reviewing ISSS website)
  • STEM OPT (after reviewing ISSS website)
  • Changing immigration status
  • Reinstatement / suspension / termination
  • Leave of absence
  • USCIS Applications
  • Drop a course / withdraw
  • Full time enrollment exceptions

Travel questions, a SEVIS transfer, SSN eligibility, bank accounts, dependents, 1-20s and visa questions, as well as other general topics related to international students. Many of these answers are also available on our website.

If you are in need of an appointment with an international advisor, please use the link below to book your appointment 24 hours in advance. We can serve you best when are prepared in advance to meet with you. Walk-ins are no longer available other than walk in Wednesdays, but we are always happy to answer questions via email should you need guidance. As a reminder, before scheduling an appointment, please review the information available on our website. You will likely find the answer to many of your questions there and can save yourself a trip!

Please book your appointment AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. It doesn't count if you book the appointment while you're standing in the lobby. As a courtesy to other students please do not make more than one appointment at a time. :)

Advising Hours 

Appointments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Use one of the two links below to schedule and appointment: 

Undergraduate Advising

Advisor: Audrey Jupiter

Schedule a Meeting


Graduate Advising

Advisor: Joy Werka

Schedule a Meeting