As a current student, there are several things you must do to ensure that you are in good standing as a visitor to the US. Please make sure you review the following on a regular basis:

  1. Make sure you are enrolled in classes full time. Enroll full-time in classes each fall (August-December) and spring (January-May) semester (minimum of 9 hours for graduate student and 12 hours for undergraduate students). A student who has been enrolled full-time in classes continuously since their first semester (fall or spring) and will enroll in the following fall semester is eligible to take the summer (June-July) semester off and have a vacation (no enrollment in classes is required). If you have been authorized for employment through the co-op program or if summer is your first semester of enrollment at UAH, you are required to enroll full-time during the summer.

  2. Limit employment. No more than 20 hours total of on-campus work during fall and spring; full-time on-campus work possible in the summer (a maximum of 32 hours is the UAH policy) if not enrolled in classes full time. NO OFF-CAMPUS employment without specific immigration permission. Unauthorized employment or on-campus employment over the number of hours allowed will be considered a violation of your student visa status.

  3. Notify advisor of any changes in major, address, financial support, name, or degree objective. You must notify the international student advisor within 10 days of making any of these changes. The information must be updated in SEVIS and often a new I-20 or DS-2019 will be issued to you reflecting the change. You must also notify your advisor of any intent to transfer to another school, a change in your status/visa classification, academic dismissal, and any international travel plans requiring a travel signature.

  4. Make academic progress. If you fail to make academic progress at UAH, you will not be eligible for an extension of your I-20 or DS-2019. This means you must successfully pass classes, any required comprehensive exams, and other thesis or dissertation requirements within the normal period of time.

  5. Do NOT let your immigration documents expire. The I-20 or DS-2019 form must not expire prior to completion of your studies at UAH. The end date is listed on the front page. If you know that you cannot complete your studies before the I-20 or DS-2019 expires, you should meet with an advisor and submit an extension application.