Megan Nivens

Areas of expertise: Strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship


Megan is Founder and CEO of Huntsville-based Marketing firm, Flourish, which provides business and strategic marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. Megan’s background ranges from working in non-profit to multi-million-dollar organizations, doing everything from digital marketing, public relations, strategic communications, business development and more. Most recently she’s worked in high tech and noticed the lack of insight and faith in what strategic marketing is really all about. It goes beyond just ‘making things pretty.’ Instead, it involves creative collaboration, market understanding, competitive awareness and so much more – which drove her to start her own business, Flourish, which just celebrated its first year in operations. Flourish has clients in the healthcare, telecom, aerospace/defense, real estate, sports and entertainment industries and is experiencing rapid growth. She’s also spent the last several years as Chief Growth Officer for lifestyle business, NotTied, which helps recent divorcees maneuver their lives after going through a divorce.

Her passion is people and finding solutions to problems – whether its mentoring students, guiding non-profits, helping her kids maneuver life’s’ challenges, or working with clients to determine areas for growth and overall success.

In addition to managing her business, Megan volunteers a lot of her time, to include serving as a Board Member for the North Alabama Public Relations Council, being an active student mentor through the University of Central Florida (go Knights!), volunteers as a communications committee member for Semper Fi, has co-led communications efforts for the recent Wall That Heals (Vietnam Veterans Memorial that came to Huntsville in November 2018), served as a marketing lead for Women Can Be Angels (a non-profit aimed at educating women about angel investing), supports public relations efforts for Huntsville-based non-profit startup accelerator Urban Engine and speaks at various events to educate/inform about the public relations/marketing/communications field. She’s a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

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