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Dr. Tathagata Mukherjee

Assistant Professor, Computer Science


320 Sparkman Drive
Olin B. King Technology Hall
Room N347
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Website


  • Ph.D (Computer Science), Florida State University, 2016
  • M.S (Computer Science), Florida State University, 2014
  • B.S (Honors in Statistics) First in First Class in Statistics, University of Kalyani, 2000

Honors & Awards

  • First in First Class (University Topper in Statistics (Honors)) University of Kalyani
  • Recipient of S.B. Dasgupta memorial award for excellence in Statistics from the University of Kalyani, from Honorable Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Viren. J. Shah
  • Selected through GATE (2005) for Pursuing Master's at IIT, DRDO SET (2007) Scientist Selection Examination for Defense Research and Development Organization, India
  • Continuously supported by Teaching & Research Assistant-ships for graduate (MS & PHD) studies@ Florida State University
  • Honorable Mention South East ACM Regional Programming Contest 2010
  • Best Teaching Assistant Award Florida State University 2010, 2014
  • Best Poster Presentation Award at Computer Science Expo, Florida State University, 2014
  • Nominated for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Florida State University, Spring 2015
  • Captive Eyes Big Data Fellowship, Summer 2016
  • Captive Eyes Big Data Fellowship, Fall 2016


  • Cyber Security
  • Digital & Mobile Forensics
  • Computer Security & Hacking
  • Cyber Law & Organized Cybercrime
  • Machine Learning (Specially interested in applications to Cognitive Radio & RADAR, Networked Systems for Highly Contested Environments, Mobile & Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, Adversarial Learning)
  • GPS Denied Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT)
  • Quantum Computing & Applications
  • Deep Learning & Approximations
  • Optimization problems in Machine Learning & Data Analytics
  • Combinatorial Optimization (primarily Graph Theory)

Recent Publications

  • Muthukumaran Ramaburamanian, Chaity Banerjee, Debashri Roy, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr., Tathagata Mukherjee "Exploiting Spatio-Temporal Properties of I/Q Signal Data using 3D Convolution for RF Transmitter Identification" Accepted: IEEE Journal of Radio Frequency Identification

  • Sudhir Aggarwal, James Parsons, Shiva Housmand, Tathagata Mukherjee "An Empirical Study on Efficiency of a Dictionary Based Viterbi Algorithm for Word Segmentation" In Proceedings of IEEE Big Data 2020

  • Nikita Susan Joseph, Chaity Banerjee Mukherjee, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr., Tathagata Mukherjee "Flight Sense: A Spoofer Detection and Aircraft Identification System using Raw ADS-B Data" In Proceedings of IEEE Big Data 2020

  • Debashri Roy, Tathagata Mukherjee, Mainak Chatterjee, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr. "Adaptive Streaming of HD and 360 Videos over Software Defined Radios"Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2020

  • Debashri Roy, Tathagata Mukherjee, Eduardo Pasiliao "Exploiting Spatio-temporal Correlation in RF Data using Deep Learning" Book Chapter: Deep Learning Applications Volume 2

  • Chaity Banerjee, Tathagata Mukherjee, Eduardo Pasiliao "The Multi-phase ReLU Activation Function" In Proceedings of ACM Southeast (ACMSE) Conference 2020

  • Vaidyanath Areyur Shanthakumar, Chaity Banerjee, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr., Tathagata Mukher-jee, "Uncooperative Direction Finding with Neural Networks using I/Q Information" Accepted International Conference on Information Systems & Data Mining 2020

  • Chaity Banerjee, Tathagata Mukherjee, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr. "Feature Representations using the Reflected ReLU Activation" In IEEE Journal of Big Data Mining & Analytics

  • Vishal Perekadan, Tathagata Mukherjee, Chaity Banerjee, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr. "RF-MSiP: Radio Frequency Multi-Source Indoor Positioning with FM & GSM" In Proceedings of IEEE Big Data Conference 2019

  • Debashri Roy, Tathagata Mukherjee, Mainak Chatterjee, Erik Blasch, Eduardo Pasiliao "RFAL: Adversarial Learning for RF Transmitter Identification and Classification" In IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking